The 12 Secrets of Shiroi Koibito

The 12 Secrets of Shiroi Koibito

SECRET1 Two ideas flashed into his mind.

SECRET2 Where are the cats hiding?


SECRET3 Open the box and you'll find a one-of-a-kind item inside!

SECRET4 Making a vow while gazing at Mt. Rishiri

SECRET5 Once there was another face.

SECRET6 We made it a bit too big on purpose.

SECRET7 真っ白なハートに会いたくて。

SECRET8 A first flight

SECRET9 Red, Black and White: The Joys of the 20th year

SECRET10 Chocolate that has been loved forever

SECRET11 What was changed without changing the flavor

SECRET12 世界の、地元の、みんなのパーク!