Shiroi Baum Tsumugi

A delicious new confection in the tradition of Shiroi Koibito, Shiroi Baum was created to help you connect with people.

Souvenirs to share with friends and family

A good souvenir gives you the opportunity for pleasant conversation. We wanted to offer something you could share with friends and family---something that would remind you of Hokkaido. So we decided to focus our product development on baumkuchen, in the hope that our new product would be loved by everyone and would help you to enjoy sharing good times with friends and family.
Aiming to provide you with a delicious confection and a pleasant time for sharing, we succeeded in creating Shiroi Baum.

Souvenirs to share with friends and family

A different new confection associated with Shiroi Koibito

Right from the start, we knew we wanted to offer a confection for fans of Shiroi Koibito, one that has a new taste and texture but that also represents snow, a symbol of Hokkaido. After years of research and development, Shiroi Baum finally debuted in December 2009.
We began by kneading the same white chocolate used for Shiroi Koibito into a cake dough. Then we found the best combination of ingredients and developed methods for baking a white baumkuchen, which had been difficult to achieve. Thus was Shiroi Baum born, a soft, moist cake with a rich taste and flavor. Never before had such a baumkuchen been created.
We aim to make this superb new confection a recognized symbol of Hokkaido.
Remember snowy Hokkaido when you enjoy Shiroi Koibito and Shiroi Baum.

Shiroi Baum: A new type of confection made by the most skilled confectioners

The key is the use of white chocolate, the same chocolate found in Shiroi Koibito cookies.

The white chocolate lends a soft texture and rich taste to this new confection. After trying other ingredients, we were convinced that only white chocolate could deliver such a texture and taste.
Ishiya prides itself on its Shiroi Koibito white chocolate. That chocolate is kneaded into the dough in generous amounts, for the richest, most flavorful results. Butter is usually a key ingredient in baumkuchen, but instead of butter, it’s white chocolate that gives Shiroi Baum its great flavor and rich taste.

The key is the use of white chocolate, the same chocolate found in Shiroi Koibito cookies.

The whiteness and texture of Shiroi Baum depend heavily on our confectioners' expertise.

Shiroi Baum is made of choice ingredients that are combined at a strictly controlled temperature. For this baumkuchen, the confectioner painstakingly controls the baking time.
The soft, moist Shiroi Baum is ready when it’s fully baked but before it can start to dry out.
It’s about as moist as typical cake.
Even our own confectioners were startled at the results: that something baked could still have so much moisture.

We made more than 100 test samples to determine the best combination of ingredients, studying the following:

How much white chocolate should we use? How can we keep the dough white? How can we bake it without browning? To answer those questions, we prepared more than 100 recipes with slightly altered combinations of ingredients, and we made one test bake after another.
This is because it’s extremely difficult for even the most experienced confectioner to make a white baumkuchen with a soft texture and rich taste.

The whiteness and texture of Shiroi Baum depend heavily on our confectioners' expertise.

Product lineup

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  • Shiroi Baum “TSUMUGI”(8pc.)

    Shiroi Baum “TSUMUGI”

    1,458 yen

  • Shiroi Baum “TSUMUGI”

    Shiroi Baum “TSUMUGI”

    1,296 yen

Allergenic ingredients
- Allergenic ingredients required to be listed on the label (7 items)....wheat, eggs, milk components
- Allergenic ingredients recommended to be listed on the label (18 items)....soybeans

Best-before date
30 days after the manufacturing date

Nutrition facts(100g)

Energy Protein Lipid Carbohydrate Salt equivalent
357kcal 8.5g 15.6g 45.7g 0.5g

(Estimated value)

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Shiroi Baum Tsumugi

Cut Shiroi Baum into large pieces.
We suggest eating the baumkuchen in large pieces, to fully enjoy the moist texture and white chocolate flavor.
Shiroi Baum tastes best at room temperature. The moisture maintains the softness and rich taste of the baumkuchen and keeps it from drying out. Once opened, eat it all as soon as possible; otherwise, wrap it tightly. Fresh cream and chocolate sauce are great additions.