The best recipe for enjoying the taste of chocolate

Bringing out the best taste of chocolate,

Mifuyu has three combinations of chocolate and other ingredients: dark chocolate with blueberry, milk chocolate with caramel and white chocolate with sweet chestnut. After dozens of trials, we created those combinations, which are perfect for enjoying the flavor of each chocolate.

Bringing out the best taste of chocolate,

Enhancing the chocolaty flavor of Mifuyu

Chocolate is sandwiched between layers of pastry. Since mille-feuille consists of layers of airy puff pastry, the rich, chocolaty flavor spreads quickly in your mouth when you take a bite. The fine butter used in the puff pastry gives Mifuyu a rich taste.

Enhancing the chocolaty flavor of Mifuyu

Ishiya's fine chocolate confections

Made with the full expertise of our confectioners

Since 1980, Ishiya has made chocolates from couverture chocolate. This is a type of chocolate that originated in Switzerland, the home of chocolate. Mifuyu was brought to life through our accumulated skills and a perfectionism that we’re proud of. Couverture chocolate is selected for dark and milk chocolate Mifuyu, which melt in your mouth. A mild chocolate is used for white chocolate Mifuyu.
The chocolate is carefully kneaded into the dough at a controlled temperature, to produce a smooth texture and a beautifully even color. The distinguishing feature of Mifuyu is the good combination of chocolate and mille-feuille.

Mifuyu has three different flavors of chocolate. We hope you'll enjoy the taste of each.

Each of the three chocolates has a unique flavor.
Mifuyu is available in packs of 3 pieces, 6 pieces and 12 pieces, and in three different flavors. It makes the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion.
So which would you like to start with? Our confectioners recommend the following order.

1. White chocolate & sweet chestnut: The mildest of the three
2. Dark chocolate & blueberry: Featuring a tart bittersweetness
3. Milk chocolate & caramel: A combination that makes for a very rich taste

Mifuyu is sensitive to temperature. Please store it in a cool, dry place at 25℃ or less, away from direct sunlight. Before you enjoy it, we recommend taking the product from the refrigerator and leaving it out for a short while. You’ll love the taste and texture of melting chocolate and puff pastry.

Product lineup

All prices include consumption tax.

Mifuyu (3 pc.)
Mifuyu (3 pc.)
390 yen
Mifuyu (6 pc.)
Mifuyu (6 pc.)
761 yen
Mifuyu (12 pc.)
Mifuyu (12 pc.)
1,522 yen

Allergenic ingredients

- Allergenic ingredients required to be listed on the label (7 items)....wheat, eggs, milk
- Allergenic ingredients recommended to be listed on the label (18 items)....soybeans
Made in facilities that process eggs

Best-before date

150 days after the production date

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Learn more about Mifuyu?


Mifuyu was launched as a new confection in the tradition of Shiroi Koibito cookies. The name is inspired by the beautiful (mi) winter (fuyu) scenery of Hokkaido. We illustrated the package with the winter scenery of diamond dust glittering on a cold winter morning.
The name also sounds like the Japanese pronunciation of the French “mille-feuille.” That's another reason we named the product “Mifuyu.”